Writing about kampong som hotels

Etymology[ edit ] The official name [17] of the city in Khmer is:

Writing about kampong som hotels

Get around[ edit ] The city center is easily walkable and is found north of the National Highway. A couple of hotels and western-style restaurants cluster around the riverfront and a couple of streets further west, the central market area is found.

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Most of the sights worth seeing are however outside the city itself, so you're going to need some form of motorized transport. By motorcycle[ edit ] An increasing number of visitors to Cambodia are buying their own motorcycles and then reselling them just before they leave the country or return homeand this is a great way to see Kampong Cham.

Smaller cc bikes are the ones seen driven by practically every Khmer in the city, while the larger cc bikes are more often driven by foreigners or expats. The smaller bikes are cheaper, but less suited for long distance travel and are more susceptible to theft.

It's your call, though most travellers end up buying ccs.

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Note that Vietnam currently does not allow anything larger than cc into it's borders, but this will likely change in the near future. There a few places to rent a motorcycle in Kampong Cham. By taxi[ edit ] There are plenty of motodops offering their service for travel not only within the city, but to outlying areas of the province.

Be warned though, if your driver takes you to stalls or shops to purchase souvenirs, he will be receiving commission off whatever you choose to buy. As usual, bargain with your driver. It's better to set a price beforehand. For one way trips within the city, don't pay more than 2, riel and many will consider even that a rip off.

There are tuk-tuks in Kampong Cham, but as the city is not nearly as heavily touristed than others in Cambodia, such as Phnom Penh or Siem Reapthere won't be many of these, but if you arrive by bus there will be plenty waiting at the bus station.

By bicycle[ edit ] Some of the larger hotels and guesthouses such as the Mekong Hotel and Mekong Sunrise have bicycles for rent. Be sure to always lock your bike to a tree or leave it with someone trustworthy. Kampong Cham isn't a city chock full of tourist attractions, but its colonial charm and atmosphere will endear itself to you.

writing about kampong som hotels

There are a few temples to see in the area, including one of the country's mass graves. Ruins at Nokor Wat Nokor Wat. An Angkorian temple dating from the 11th century, containing a standard assortment of Angkor architecture.

Some of the mausoleums are open to tourists and contain piles of bones and skulls from the Khmer Rouge's genocidal reign. Inside one of the buildings is a very elaborate series of wall paintings, depicting torture and executions of a religious naturefollowed by scenes of heaven and the afterlife.

This is not always an accessible building, as a Monk has to unlock it for you to enter. He usually does, though your driver may ask you to refrain. To get there by bicycle follow the road to Phnom Penh for about 1 km and turn left when you see a dusty road going down through a gate there's also a sign.

The tourist police may ask you for money for their own purposes. If you are stingy, you can enter the temple from the other side for free. Don't miss the beautiful sunset in the old Angkorian ruins. The visit to this site can easily be combined with a trip to the mountains Pros and Srei.

Traditional dances in Nokor Wat If you are interested in Apsara dances traditional Cambodian dancesthere are occasional performances at 5 p.Nov 19,  · Andrew's Kampung: Wonderful experience - See 1, traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Batu Ferringhi, Malaysia, at TripAdvisorK TripAdvisor reviews.

Kampong Thom is a picturesque town on the banks of the Stung Saen ashio-midori.comg around Kampong Thom is the great way to explore this province. >>Riding Bamboo Trains in Cambodia Walking to explore Kampong Thom.

Head down to the bridge and take a left along the riverbank. Kampong Som Sihanoukville Hotels Kampong Som Sihanoukville in Cambodia is one of the top popular destinations in Asia for domestic as well as international travellers. Kampong Som Sihanoukville offers exciting sightseeing, and shopping experience to all kind of travellers including families, couples and backpackers.

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Send questions or comments to doi. Hotels in Kampong Thom. Kampong Thom is the number and quality of boutique hotels in Cambodia have escalated considerably in the last few years with several international hotel brands now joining small guesthouses and local boutique hotels in the major tourist areas in Cambodia.

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