Writing a query letter for a fantasy novel covers

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Writing a query letter for a fantasy novel covers

Enter your First Name optional Then Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you Right Writing News. For writers, middle-grade readers represent a large market eager for our work. Know Your Audience You can't hit a bull's-eye with your target audience until you study that audience well, so take time to know this age group before writing for them.

This knowledge can come from a variety of places. When I sold my first middle-grade novel, my children were babies so I relied heavily on my own childhood memories and issues. When my children were in gradesI observed them and their middle-grade friends in a variety of settings.

Now, with my children grown and married, I observe kids in malls, libraries and movie theaters. If I rely solely on my memory now, my heroes and heroines sound dated.

In addition to direct observation, research web sites like Girls' Life at www. The Nickelodeon site at www. Middle-grade girls may be as much as two years ahead of the boys in physical maturity.

Both boys and girls are bigger and stronger, growing rapidly at the end of this age period. They like to join clubs and are more interested in competitive sports.

They may develop an interest in special collections or hobbies. They like rituals, rules, secret codes, and made-up languages. They may play musical instruments. Activities such as camping, biking, building models, skating, and playing board games are popular.

Middle-graders are beginning to realize that parents and authority figures can make mistakes; some kids will defy parents at this age. They are often "black and white" thinkers, seeing things as right or wrong, with no room for differences of opinion.

Upper middle-graders prefer spending time with friends rather than parents, and they show interest in the opposite sex by teasing, joking, and showing off.

writing a query letter for a fantasy novel covers

They may sometimes be verbally cruel to classmates, with name-calling and nasty put-downs. Inside a Middle-Grader During the middle grades, friends and school become more important than home and family as kids try to figure out their place in the social structure.

Parents disappear from many middle-grade novels, or as in the Nancy Drew books they play a minor role and are barely needed. Children of this age feel more capable and like to see self-sufficient heroes venture out and conquer new territory.

While I don't get rid of parents altogether, I have novels e. Patchwork SummerNo Strings AttachedMystery By Mail where the parents work long hours, are gone due to a divorce, or in jail, letting the kids operate independently.

Upper middle-grade readers grades 5 and 6 especially like books where the protagonists manage just as well as adults. Readers this age daydream about their future and enjoy planning and organizing tasks and events.After a successful launch in , the Kentucky Writing Workshop is back for !

Writing Day Workshops excited to announce The Kentucky Writing Workshop — a full-day “How to Get Published” writing event in Louisville, KY, on April 22, This writing event is a wonderful opportunity to get intense instruction over the course of one day, pitch a literary agent or editor. What’s playing on the iPod right now?

POEMS, PRAYERS, & PROMISES by John Denver For this entry, I thought I would do a different spin on annotating the query letter.

writing a query letter for a fantasy novel covers

Gail had a unique situation when she sent me her email. She already had an editor interested in the novel, which rather give her. Writing a query letter for your romance novel is no small task. Learn the intricacies and nuance to capturing attention and enticing a traditional publisher.

Following is a successful query for a middle-grade novel that led to me first requesting this full manuscript and later signing on to represent the author, Dianna Dorisi Winget.

No matter what you’re writing—fantasy, thriller, sci-fi, romance—or whether you’re writing for children or adults, there’s a lot you can learn from this. by Freelance Writing. Even if you do write the article first, however, that doesn't mean that you should ignore the query process.

Think of the article as your product -- and a. Questions: 1. My suspense novel is roughly k. Is that instant death? Should I not include the word count in the query unless required? There is a second protagonist that plays a significant role and is responsible for about 1/3 of the word count.

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