Write a comprehensive note on football industry in pakistan

Fathers play a critical role in this process.

Write a comprehensive note on football industry in pakistan

Medieval[ edit ] Around the yearSialkot began to decline in importance as the nearby city of Lahore rose to prominence.

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Babur recorded a battle with Gujjar raiders, who had attacked Sialkot, and allegedly mistreated its inhabitants. The city and three nearby districts were amalgamated into the Durrani Empire. Sialkot, along with Punjab as a whole, was captured by the British following their victory over the Sikhs at the Battle of Gujrat in February During the British era, an official known as The Resident who would in theory advise the Maharaja of Kashmir would reside in Sialkot during the wintertime.

Surgical instruments were being manufactured in Sialkot for use throughout British India by the s. Sialkot remained peaceful for several months while communal riots had erupted in LahoreAmritsarLudhianaand Rawalpindi. The city had suffered significant losses as a result of communal rioting that erupted because of Partition.

The Pakistan Army successfully defended the city and the people of Sialkot came out in full force to support the troops.

The armoured battles in the Sialkot sector like the Battle of Chawinda were the most intense since the Second World War. The post-monsoon season from mid-September to mid-November remains hot during the daytime, but nights are cooler with low humidity.

In the winter from mid-November to March, days are mild to warm, with occasionally heavy rainfalls occurring.

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write a comprehensive note on football industry in pakistan

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write a comprehensive note on football industry in pakistan

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