Research papers electrical

Most people use electricity and see it as something that is infinite and probably don't give a second thought about its source.

Research papers electrical

Mililani, HI Literature Review on Citric Acid Continually being made aware of the expensive cost of oil which fuels most of our electricity, I decided to experiment with an alternative method.

Other ways of producing electricity with chemicals, Research papers electrical, wind, and water can be very expensive and sometime the weather does not co- operate.

I have always been very interested in electricity, as well as earth conservationso chose citric acid and electrical conduction to be the subject on my experiment. Vacuum tubes are glass tubes with almost entirely removed.

Electric Power Systems Research

Electrodes with wires go through the glass, joining electrodes to batteries causing electrons to flow through the vacuum tube. Vacuum tubes were able to mix, amplify, and separate weak electrical currents. The development of vacuum tubes eventually led to the invention of radios and television.

By the s, transistors began to replace vacuum tubes in electrical equipment, since they were smaller and used less energy. Transistors were able to fit on a single chip called an integrated circuit.

This was a huge development leading to Research papers electrical modern day electrical equipment, such as computers and cell phones. Without the early physicists performing their experiments and without the developments that resulted none of the electrical equipment that we are using today would be possible.

Research papers electrical

The modern evolution of computers, cell phones, iPods, iPhones, are all a result of this physicists progressively experimenting and understand electricity and how it works. However, it is imperative that we find a cheaper way to produce an electricity for our day to day living.

My experiment is to show that perhaps excess fruit, containing could be used to produce electricity, especially in the poorer nations which cannot afford to purchase expensive fossil fuel. Abstract Because of the rising cost of fuel which results in more expensive eletricity costs, I decided to look at an alternative method of producing electricity.

Research papers electrical

The experiments performed by the early physicists have lead to the emergence of the electrical equipment we use today. George Johnstone Stoney introduced the word "electron" infollowed by Reginald Fessenden's invention of the "electrolight dector" or vacuum tube in In Roger Millikan, Nobel prize winner, proved that Stoney's electrons did exist, and were related to atoms.

Leading to the modern electronics of today, was the evention of the transistor by William Shockley, Jr. The evolution of computer, cell phones, iPods, iPhones are all a result of the early physicists progessively experimenting.

Since citric acid is a conductor of electricity, I have decide to prove that a lemon, being the most sour, is a better battery than other fruits or vegetables.

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Each fruit and vegetable was cut in half, and a copper and galvanized nail, exactly two inches apart, where inserted into each fruit and vegetable. To read the electrical charge, each of the nails was touched with the volt meter. After conducting two experiments, the result showed that the potato generated the most voltage charge.

This refuted my hypothesis that a lemon, containing more citric acid, would make the best battery. My experiment also proved that to use fruit containing asorbic acid in the production of electricity would not be feasible since the amount of electricity generated by each fruit or vegetable was so minimal.

The huge amount of fruit or vegetables required to generate electricity for commercial purposes would not make sense economicaly. Problem With our economy today, many people are using fuel. So as a way to save more people money, I decided to look at an alternative way of getting electricity in citric acid.

The independent variable is the potato, since it has no citric acid. Therefore, it is to be assumed that the amount of electricity generated would be zero.

The potato will be my control group. The dependents are the lemon, grape fruit, and orange. Since they all contain citric acid, I will be measuring which fruit generates the most charge.

They will be my experimental group. If eachinsufficient charge is generated, I will cut each fruit and the potato and insert the nails directly into the meat ofhoping that insertion irectly into the citric acid will generate a stronger charge.

Citric acid in fruit can be used as a very weak battery because the acid produces a weak chemical reaction where atoms in metals give up electrons, which then flow through the battery wires.IEEE Xplore. Delivering full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in engineering and technology.

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