Network architecture proposal

Final project written assignments are due in class April 30, You may write about a professional performance you have seen, you may want to discuss scenes from a film based upon a play that is relevant to the course material, do scholarly research, or a dramaturgical analysis.

Network architecture proposal

Layout of the Network Architecture Proposal The proposal layout should be highly readable and aid the reader in locating information. Graphics enhance the readability of a proposal and convey information as well.

Network architecture proposal

Text should be legible, typically a serif typeface such as Times Roman, at point to point type. Page margins should be at least 0.

Section Description Executive Summary Discusses the project goals and project scope at a high level. This section demonstrates that the network vendor understands the extent of the project and the role of the network in meeting the business goals.

The goal of the summary is to convince the decision-makers of the business benefits of the Network architecture proposal. This section is typically one to two pages long. Network Requirements Reviews the business goals and network requirements, including users and applications that need to be supported.

This section often lists the business goals, in order of priority, with critical goals marked. This section includes the topologies; protocols, hardware, software, and training that are required to meet the business goals.

Current Network Environment Documents the state of the existing network. This section includes physical and logical diagrams and the IP addressing scheme.

CCNA Class Project - Network Design Proposal

The section summarizes the results of the network characterization, including strengths and weaknesses of the existing network. It also documents the user community and applications currently in use, based on the network characterization.

Proposed Physical Design Describes the physical layout of the proposed design. This section documents trade-offs made to accommodate business goals and technical requirements. The section describes the features and recommended uses for the technologies and devices proposed for the new network design.

This section documents the new WAN service and new network equipment. The section also includes proposed network diagrams. Proposed Logical Design Describes the logical topology of the proposed network.

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This section documents any proposed addressing and naming conventions. It describes the routing and switching protocols recommended for the planned network. This section includes recommended security mechanisms and products that support the security policy of the business.

The section may include information on recommended network management procedures and applications.Chapter Description This chapter introduces strategies that can be used to systematically design a highly functional network, such as the hierarchical network design model, the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, and appropriate device selections.

Next-Generation VoIP Network Architecture Authors: Paul Drew [email protected] MetaSwitch Chris Gallon [email protected] Fujitsu March, MSF TR-ARCH ABSTRACT This white paper is part of series of white papers that will be published by the MSF in .

P25 Network Architecture. This lesson series contains 6 topic videos that will increase your understanding of P25 network architecture.

Thanks to P25 open standards, there are many pieces that can come together to create your critical communications network. Select a . The contributions of my thesis are as follows: 1.

Network architecture proposal

SensorStack Architecture Š I propose a sensor network architecture in Section 2, which enables cross-layering optimizations and adaptive protocols. An InformationExchange Service (IES) provides a publish-subscribeinterface.

This is a network architecture plan powerpoint presentation examples. This is a four stage process. The stages in this process are critical success factors, network architecture plan, business objects model, business activity modelling.

· Network architecture refers to the layout of the network infrastructure, consisting of the hardware, software, connectivity, communication protocols and mode of

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