Mirror writing and the brain

Owen Hewitson - LacanOnline. This is usually seen as the main text on the mirror stage theory, but there are a number of other texts roughly contemporary with it, through which Lacan develops related ideas. Rather than leaving the subject in the late forties, Lacan continued to develop the mirror stage theory from Seminar I in the early fifties, right up until Seminar XXII in Although the original paper on the mirror stage was presented in Marienbad inthe fact that both the and papers were delivered less than a year apart suggests that it helps to read both together.

Mirror writing and the brain

Click on the letters to browse the content alphabetically. The total amplitude of an action potential is the displacement from the resting potential to the maximum amplitude, usually 70mV or more.

The space between the arachnoid and pia mater contains many blood vessels that supply the brain. The brainstem contains pathways sending information to and receiving information from the spinal cord and peripheral nerves. It also contains neurons that control respiration and regulation of heart rhythms.

Sheep Brain Dissection carbohydrate complex organic molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that store energy and act as structural components of cells caudal towards the tail; the tail end of the nervous system cell body the bulbous part of the neuron, also called the soma, that contains the nucleus.

Dendrites and axons are processes off of the cell body. Bead Neuron central nervous system the brain and spinal cord cerebellum the highly folded part of the central nervous system above or dorsal to the brainstem that helps control movement, balance, and muscle coordination Sheep Brain Dissection, Close-up of the Nervous System, Mirror Image cerebral cortex the largest and most complex part of the mammalian central nervous system; appears as tightly packed fat ridges gyri and narrow folds sulci ; responsible for all forms of conscious experience, including perception, emotion, thought, and planning.

mirror writing and the brain

Cortex means bark in Greek; the bark of the cork tree looks a lot like the cerebral cortex. The left hemisphere is specialized for initiating speech, language, writing, and calculations.

The right hemisphere is specialized for initiating spatial abilities, face recognition in vision, and some aspects of music perception and production cerebrum see cerebral cortex Sheep Brain Dissection, Close-up of the Nervous System chemotaxis when a growth cone follows chemical signals chemo- to move toward -taxis a desired target Neuropathfinding, C.

A neuronal circuit is not like an electrical circuit where current must flow in a complete circle. A neuronal circuit uses electrical and chemical energy to carry information along a path. A neuronal circuit can have feedback and feed forward loops within it.

CNS central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord corpus callosum a large bundle of nerve fibers myelinated axons that link the right and left hemispheres of the brain; enables the two hemispheres to share information Sheep Brain Dissection cranial nerve twelve pairs of nerves that arise from each side of the brain stem numbered I to XII from anterior to posterior declarative memory see memory, declarative Mirror Image, Your Incredible Memory dendrite tree-like extension of the neuronal cell body; receives chemical neurotransmitter signals or messages from other neurons Bead Neuron depolarize movement of membrane potential to a higher more positive value disease of learning a way to describe addiction Dendritic Spines Lab, What's the Deal?

Addiction Card Game distal away from, far end dopamine a neurotransmitter used in the brain's reward circuit which signals a positive benefit to an action nor met expectation Dendritic Spines Lab dorsal toward the back of the body or top of the head Sheep Brain Dissection dorsal horn dorsal part of the spinal cord gray matter where axons from sensory neurons enter and make their first synapses Close-up of the Nervous System dorsal root ganglion DRG neurons sensory neurons for the skin and muscle; cell bodies of these sensory neurons are grouped in a structure called a ganglion just outside the spinal cord on the dorsal side.

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Thus they are called Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons. They have no dendrites. Their axons branch immediately. One branch goes to the periphery skin or muscle ; the other into the spinal cord. Sensory information from the periphery travels from one end of the axon to the other synapsing in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord.

Dura mater is Latin for tough mother. Sheep Brain Dissection electrolytes charged ions like sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate endocrine system system of glands and groups of cells that secrete hormones to control internal body states efferent outgoing information or neuronal connection; going away from or out of the central nervous system episodic memory see memory, episodic Your Incredible Memory EPSP see excitatory post-synaptic potential excitatory interneuron an interneuron whose neurotransmitter produces excitation depolarization in target cells, helping the target cells to reach threshold excitatory neuron see neuron, excitatory Virtual Neurons excitatory post-synaptic potential short-lived movement of membrane potential to a higher value when neurotransmitter binds to receptors on dendrites; temporary depolarization of post-synaptic membrane potential caused by the flow of positively charged ions into the post-synaptic cell as a result of opening of ligand-gated channels.

The Ears Have It inhibitory neuron see neuron, inhibitory Virtual Neurons inhibitory post-synaptic potential short-lived movement of membrane potential to a lower value when neurotransmitter binds to receptors on dendrites; temporary hyperpolarization of post-synaptic membrane potential caused by the flow of positively charged ions out of the post-synaptic cell or negatively charged ions moving in as a result of opening of ligand-gated channels.

Virtual Neurons intracellular inside the cell ion channel a membrane-spanning protein that forms a pore or hole through the plasma membrane; when the ion channel is open, ions move between the inside and outside of the cell. Most ion channels are opened or closed by energy, for example, from a binding reaction, voltage, temperature, or light.

The Ears Have It latency a property of neurons specifying the time in milliseconds between arrival of a stimulus and production of the response; the time between a stimulus and its response lateral toward the left or right sides of the body, away from the middle; opposite of medial Sheep Brain Dissection lobe large division of the cerebral cortex long-term memory memories that are stored in a variety of places in the brain over long periods of time Recency and Primacy Effects lung.Mirror-writing is the production of letters, words or sentences in reverse direction, so that they look normal when viewed in a mirror.

Some people may mirror-write intentionally; but unintentional mirror-writing is surprisingly common amongst young children, and in brain-damaged adults. Genius Brain Power is an MP3 package filled with incredibly effective brainwave entrainment frequencies that will help make you smarter, more peaceful .

Spontaneous mirror writing by both left- and right-handed children has long remained a mystery. Recent studies of brain processing and writing have led to .

Eide Neurolearning Blog: Reading in the Brain and Mirror Writing

A huge collection of free personality tests and fun online quizzes on love, relationships and the self. Frank, informative, and free. Ability to write mirrored text.

Research suggests that the ability to produce handwritten mirror writing is probably inherited and caused by . Dec 07,  · Reading in the Brain and Mirror Writing Stanislaus Dehaene has a new book entitled Reading in the Brain: The Science and Evolution of a Human Invention and he has been kind enough to publish chapter summaries and all color figures here.

mirror writing and the brain
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