Mary kay objectives

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Mary kay objectives

Thomas Stamford Raffles Sir b. Besides signing the treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor on 6 February that gave the British East India Company the right to set up a trading post in Singapore, Raffles made several other contributions that helped establish Singapore as a thriving settlement.

Malacca was one of the many British territories returned to the Dutch under the Treaty of Vienna. Raffles had foreseen that without a strategic British trading post located within the Straitsthe Dutch could gain control of Straits trade.

Accompanied by William Farquhar and a sepoyhe met Temenggong Abdul Rahman to negotiate for a British trading post to be established on the island.

The plan comprised the formation of separate clusters to house the different ethnic groups, and the provision of facilities such as roads, schools and land for government buildings. Singapore was chosen, by virtue of its strategic geographical location, to compete with other ports under the control of the Dutch.

He founded the Resident Court, appointed magistrates, and implemented trial by jury. In addition, he instituted the abolishment of activities such as public gambling, slavery and cock-fighting. The building was completed only inand was occupied by the Singapore Free School which operated as the Singapore Institution Free School.

Gains employment as a clerk at the British East India Company.

Mission Statement

Becomes assistant secretary to Philip Dundas, the governor of Penang. Appointed by Lord Minto, the governor-general of India —as agent to the governor-general of the Malay States.

Appointed lieutenant-governor of Java.

Mary kay objectives

Founds the Singapore Institution. Elected president of the Zoological Society. Author Heirwin Mohd Nasir References 1. The life of Sir Stamford Raffles.

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Mary kay objectives

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