Impact of culture on negotiating styles

July In an anonymous article, a Japanese writer describes United States negotiators as hard to understand. One of the reasons for this, we are told, is because "unlike Japanese, the Americans are not racially or culturally homogenous.

Impact of culture on negotiating styles

Ultimately however, what we do when we negotiate is to attempt to influence others to accept our way. Negotiation literature is full of tactics and strategies that describe ways of achieving this goal. There are two kinds of influences: If we want to change our car we might consider selling the old one.

Negotiation is measured by two criteria: A successful negotiation happens when we achieve our objectives in terms of results and keep the relationship, at least, within cooperative limits.

There are long debates about ethics and morals in negotiation. What we should do and what we are not allowed to do. Many authors attempt to find criteria for orientation.

At the end of the day, the difference between utilising positive or negative influence is the status of the relationship. Whatever the result of course at least we must attain our objectivesif we end up with a good relationship it means that we used positive influence.

Impact of culture on negotiating styles

When we behave as other people expect us to behave or when they agree to the appropriateness of our actions or motives, we are employing positive influencing techniques.

We know we are using influence in a positive manner when we prepare well for a negotiation. If we have many offers; if through our actions we garner trust; if we make the correct alliances; if we create an environment that others enjoy; if we demonstrate competence; if we have communication skills and through many other methods, we are employing positive influences.

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Using negative influencing tactics can bring us the desired results, but we have to be cognisant of the consequences. A bad relationship is certain and our name and reputation goes with it. One can argue that being a good negotiator and using only positive influencing techniques can still end up in a negative reaction because of skill differences between the parties.

The others may envy the skilful one or assume that facing such a good negotiator, they will surely lose.

Impact of culture on negotiating styles

Civilised society is premised on equal opportunities, not on equal possibilities. A very good negotiator can almost always demonstrate to others that they have obtained the best result for a certain deal. Often, the difference between the two types of influencing is vague.

Different negotiations have different boundaries between positive and negative influences and it is not simple to detect them. Even when we attempt to keep within positive influencing techniques, we always have the tendency to push toward the limits, hoping that we will see signals from the other side of the table that will show us when we had pushed too far.

Skilful negotiators have the ability to move the boundary inside what is normally perceived as negative actions and still keep a good relationship.

When we try to evaluate a situation we are employing our own system of values. In a negotiation, however, we are dealing with people that always have another system of values.

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So, in their eyes, it is not important what we consider about fairness, or ethic and moral. It is their judgement that counts.The pervasive impact of culture on international negotiations [1] The primary purpose of this section is to demonstrate the extent of cultural differences in negotiation styles and how these differences can cause problems in international business negotiations.

Culture and Negotiation offers a unique contribution by focusing on the distinctive impact of culture, both in creating unexpected opportunities for dispute settlement and in imposing obstacle to agreement. Part I presents expert views on the nature and limits of culture’s influence on negotiation.

May 03,  · Positive & Negative Impact Influences on Negotiation Results Summary Learn the difference between a positive and negative negotiation influences, examines the various actions that impact our negotiating techniques and business results/5(2).

Some of these differences are discussed in the other Beyond Intractability essays regarding culture and conflict resolution (See Culture and Conflict Resolution, Cultural and Worldview Frames, Cross-Cultural Communication, and/or Communication Tools for Understanding Cultural Differences).

This essay concludes with negotiating styles associated. Impact of Culture on Negotiating Styles: in Relation to Hofstede’s Dimensions of National Culture Abstract An effective business negotiation is very significant in achieving a successful business relationship.

Negotiating styles, like personalities, have a wide range of variation. The ten negotiating traits discussed above can be placed on a spectrum or continuum, as illustrated in the chart below.

Its purpose is to identify specific negotiating traits affected by culture and .

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