How to write a nonfiction ebook in 21 days pdf free

Also, it got me writing again, so there you go. Nov 06, wendy rated it it was amazing Great book I enjoyed this book. I found some really good advice for getting my book written quickly. Oct 18, Thependragon rated it it was amazing A great book with good ideas I started reading this book because I was trying to find a way to make a little extra money while in college.

How to write a nonfiction ebook in 21 days pdf free

I can think of seven types of books you can write fast—especially by blogging them—and turn them into short ebooks. See my post on how and why to blog a business-boosting book.

Short ebooks can be anywhere from 15 to manuscript pages in length. The completed book might be between 4, words long. We are not talking about your magnum opus. This is, indeed a short book you write fast.

Keep your chapters short. Blog your book, or write it as if you were blogging it; sit down each day and write words. Then make each chapter 1, words long, for example.

Each chapter will consist of blog posts each averaging words. You are writing a short ebook fast. Tip Book A tip book features a list of tips.

Normally, you find one per page, but some tip books offer just long lists of tips with many per page. Each tip might be just a sentence long or you can include a paragraph or two of explanation.

This determines how many are included on the page. Writing a tip book is pretty simple. Just compose a list of tips about something you know a lot about or that your customers or clients ask you about frequently.

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Can you think of ways to generate more business leads? Writing or blogging a tip book will only take you as long as the number of tips or steps or ways you choose to include. Fifty tips, 50 days—unless you write or blog more posts per day or more tips per post. It also includes illustrations.

List Book If you can write a list, you can write a list book. Simply create a list of things your clients or customers need to know on a subject and write a short informative essay to go with each item on your list. Consider the numerous things you know about your business, industry, product, or service.

Then sit down and make that list. Next, flesh it out with just a bit of content for each item—a paragraph or two or three. You can do this with one short writing session a day or a blog post a day. Before you know it, your list book will be written.

Whatever your area of expertise, you can make a list about it—even tea drinking. Quotation Books Find enough quotations to fill a short book——on a theme that relates to your particular area of expertise. In other words excuse the punelaborate upon the sentiments of those more well-known than you by relating what you think they meant, what they mean to you, why you chose them, or how your customers or clients can use them to further themselves or their businesses.

Quotations are inspirational, and inspiration continues to sell well even in the business world.

how to write a nonfiction ebook in 21 days pdf free

Although this type of book requires that you do some research to find the quotations, you can still write the rest of the content off the top of your head and share your own expertise. In this way you increase your authority—fast—with a short book.

Also, this is an easy type of book to blog! And these blog posts often get shared. It provides an explanation for each quotation, and they are grouped into chapters by topic. Rx Book Most of the books I edit or coach people to write fall into the prescriptive nonfiction category.

This means they offer guidance or direction on a particular topic.May 12,  · Ebook Creation - How to Easily Write an Ebook in a Week My first ebook took me three months to write. So when I say write an ebook in a week I mean it, and I have done better than that.

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"How to Write a Non-fiction Ebook in 21 Days" was a quick and easy read. Steve's book provides step-by-step instructions that cover the complete process of creating an ebook. The writing flows well, and the ideas are very well organized. I have used several of his ideas to streamline my writing process/5.

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How to Write a Non-fiction Ebook in 21 Days by Steve Scott