Essay on our national games

Short Essay Hockey is considered as the national game of our country.

Essay on our national games

Hockey is our national game. The game is played all over the country in all the states. India was the world champion in hockey for many years. Hockey has now become popular in many countries. Pakistan, Holland, Germany, England and Australia play the game very well. There is a keen competition at the international level.

Hockey is a fast game. Players can be seen running in the field all through when the game is in progress. Every minute there is a mo0ve, which may change the chances in the game. Hence everyone is alert all through. The goal keeper, the centre forwards, the right and left backs are all important in the game.

It is a team work that leads to success. Our country has produced a number of world class players. Dhyan Chand is one such, who is called the wizard of hockey.

In fact Punjab contributes more number of players to the game of hockey. India first became the world champion, in hockey, inby winning the Gold Medal at Amsterdam Olympics. Since then, it continued to be the champion till it lost in the Rome Olympics. It came down to the seventh place in the Montreal Olympics.

India regained the Gold Medal at Moscow Olympics in We lost the Gold Medal in Hockey, kike cricket, is a popular game in our country.

Essay on our national games

It is not a costly one. Hockey is played both by men and women. Inter-school competitions and state level competitions are held for schools. I had the opportunity to be a member of the winners of a State-level hockey match at Kurnool this year. This important match was between Andhra Pradesh Residential School.The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

Apr 12,  · List Of Latest PTE Essay Topics With Answers | PTE Essay Writing. But, do we treat both games equally in India and do we have any special attachment for our national game? Even though Hockey is the national sport of India, and its glorious days, but how Cricket has become the so called national sport of India.

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National Game of India - Despite the ever-growing popularity of cricket, and Hockey, there is no official national game of India. Although some experts believe that Hockey is the national game of India, but there is no official confirmation on that.

Essay On Hockey - Hockey is our national game. The game is played all over the country in all the states. India was the world champion in hockey for years.

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