Coursera songwriting assignment 2016

Next Steps The Coursera class is done. I think I learned a few things from it, but overall, I was underwhelmed. I was browsing through other classes on their website last week and accidentally enrolled in a Songwriting course, which ended on the same day as the Developing Your Musicianship DYM class. Then, I looked to see what else was available and found that there was an Intro to Music Production class running and an Intro to Guitar class as well.

Coursera songwriting assignment 2016

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Week 1 assignment Pascal's triangle The numbers at the edge of the triangle are all 1, and each number inside the triangle is the sum of the two numbers above it. Do this exercise by implementing the pascal function in Main.

You cannot list them all… one way would be so say: Mathematically, we call the function which takes an integer as argument and which returns a boolean indicating whether the given integer belongs to a set, the characteristic function of the set.

For example, we can characterize the set of negative integers by the characteristic function x: The first function tests whether a given predicate is true for all elements of the set. This forall function has the following signature: Implement filtering on tweet sets.

Furthermore, you are given two lists of keywords.

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The first list corresponds to keywords associated with Google and Android smartphones, while the second list corresponds to keywords associated with Apple and iOS devices. Your objective is to detect which platform has generated more interest or activity in the past few days.

In a normal, uncompressed text, each character is represented by the same number of bits usually eight. In Huffman coding, each character can have a bit representation of a different length, depending on how common a character is: Every huffman code defines the specific bit sequences used to represent each character.

A Huffman code can be represented by a binary tree whose leaves represent the characters that should be encoded.

coursera songwriting assignment 2016

The leaf nodes have associated with them a weight which denotes the frequency of appearance of that character. Every branching node of the code tree can be thought of as a set containing the characters present in the leaves below it. The weight of a branching node is the total weight of the leaves below it.

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For a given Huffman tree, one can obtain the encoded representation of a character by traversing from the root of the tree to the leaf containing the character.

To begin, implement the following two hint: Int extends CodeTree case class Leaf char: Int extends CodeTree def weight tree: List[ Char, Int ]: Add this new tree to the list - which is now one element shorter - while preserving the order by weight def combine trees:i have an assignment to complete in coursera which is having 16 questions out of them i am able to answer 15 correctly but the 16th one is getting wrong no matter how hard i try, it is referring to lesson 1, but nowhere in the lesson it is clearly explained about that particular question.

Oct 31,  · Edtech giant Coursera has launched a monthly subscription payment option in the hope that learners on its platform can be enticed into ongoing .

One of the first data science specializations I took in Coursera is the five-course sequence from the University of Michigan. The specialization includes three ‘core’ courses focusing on data wrangling, visualization and modeling, and two ‘elective’ courses on text mining and social network analysis.

coursera songwriting assignment 2016

Like many students that have posed questions here, I’m new to programming and to R and still distant from getting any results when calling my function. There are many questions and answers about this coursera assignment in stack overflow but my review of these exchanges hasn't addressed the bug in .

The assignment for week 2 is kinda tough if you have not used R before. The video lectures also did not prepare you for it. If you have not taken the swirl tutorial, I strongly recommend that you finish it at the beginning of the week 2. There will be the dayCoursera Songwriting by Pat Pattison Peer Assessments Lesson 4 Assignment _____ "There will be the day" I know that you try to do the .

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