Compare and contrast poems by john

Egyptian love poems idea of love is more about every form of love, whereas love for Sappho is based purely more on an emotional view of love.

Compare and contrast poems by john

Written in the early 16th century.

Compare and contrast poems by john

Both poets are metaphorical poets and write dramatic monologues. To make his point of argument he applies this point in three parts. The first being about the state of argument the second being everything to do and to come with the argument along with his feelings and the third part being the conclusion of the argument.

Whilst making the argument the poet uses conceits that are illogical comparisons along with couplets, which were lines that rhymed and were popular and used quite frequently back then.

The poet makes all different conceits through out the poem but in the first part he makes four comparisons. The poet is saying that his love is like a vegetable which never stops growing. The mood of the poem changes in the second part, it becomes a poem about a world where time is limited and death reigns upon them.

He does not see death as a one person being accepted in to heaven. By this imagery Marvell is saying that death reigns over everyone and soon it will be them.

I think this poem is about seduction but more about Marvell being worried and frightened of death. The poems are very different from each other, by the way they are set out and by the way they are written.

Marvell writes about his thoughts of which he hides inside. The poet uses the flea as his argument because it has both of their blood of which it now has mingled together so they are one anyway.

Donne uses the flea as the argument for in the flea they are one person and the flea has taken her virginity from her already. The poet is addressing his lady in the poem as the flea and he is just going to help her fly in a way.

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He uses religious imagery to help his argument just like Marvell. Some examples of this imagery are: The poet also uses recurrence in the poem to get across the key words and feelings. Some examples of the words and feelings the poet uses as recurrence are: My reasons are written in my essay, as I found that way easier to explain it as I went along.Comparison and Contrast of Sappho’s Poems with Egyptian Love Poems The ideas of love in the Egyptian love poems are almost similar to Sappho’s idea of love, but there is a .

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The Poem “Half caste” was written by John Agard, It refers to being half caste, someone of mixed skin colour and race. In the poem the persons mother is Portuguese while his father was born in the mother is white and his father is black skinned.

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