Apu proposal

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Apu proposal

Plot[ edit ] On an ordinary day, a brown bear strolls onto the streets of Springfield, frightening the town. The bear is eventually subdued by the police. Homer convinces Springfield that something needs to be done to protect them from bears, and the town takes their complaint to Mayor Quimbywho gives in easily.

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Soon, the Bear Patrol is created. Homer is then shocked to see taxes have been raised five dollars to maintain the patrol, and this warrants another visit by the town to the Mayor's office. To appease them, Mayor Quimby blames Apu proposal high taxes on illegal immigrants. He creates Proposition 24, which will require all illegal immigrants in Springfield to be deported.

Springfield starts to harass and hate all immigrants. Apu explains that if Proposition 24 passes, he will have to leave the United States, as his visa expired many years earlier.

Apu proposal

Apu is forced to go to Fat Tony to obtain a false United States citizenship. However, feeling guilty and embarrassed about taking the fraudulent route, he realizes he has disgraced his parents by turning his back on his Indian heritage, and tears up the fake passport. After Homer sees how devastated Apu was about being deported, he changes his mind about the immigration proposition and vows that he and his family will help Apu.

Lisa discovers that Apu will not have Apu proposal leave if he can pass a United States citizenship test. Homer agrees to be Apu's tutor to help prepare for the exam. After Lisa intervenes, Apu goes to take the test; he passes and becomes a citizen of the United States.

At a congratulatory party, Homer tells his guests how terrible it would be if immigrants were deported, explaining they make the United States thrive. After the ballot is passed, the only person deported is Groundskeeper Willie.

Cohen and directed by Susie Dietter. Cohen commented that "the main theme of the episode is illegal immigration and anti-immigration sentiment, which is a big issue here in California.

So both the intro with the bear and the main theme are yanked from the California headlines. Similarly, the scene where Apu does an in-depth explanation of what caused the American Civil Waronly for the test taker to respond with "just say slavery", is something that actually happened to a friend of Cohen when she got her citizenship test taken.

Oakley commented that some writer's scripts get rewritten many times but Cohen's "usually do not get rewritten that much because they are so good".

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Oakley added that Cohen has a very distinctive comedy style so there are certain jokes in the episode that "just really sound like Cohen". Apu's origin is revealed in this episode, and Oakley is proud of being the one who suggested that.

Another character that was explored deeper in their period as show runners was Ned Flanders in the episode " Hurricane Neddy ". DVD Movie Guide's Colin Jacobson commented positively on the episode, and said that "if any show's taken a more unusual path to a story about xenophobiaI've not seen it.

The review continued, "The parts with the immigrants are also good, especially since they make their point deftly. Add to that the hilarious sound of 'American Apu' and this is a strong program.

Apu proposal

Homer has never been so frighteningly dumb, although he does come through with a rousing liberal speech. He considered "Much Apu About Nothing" to be one of the season's most "tiring" episodes, "mostly because Apu is not a strong enough character to focus an episode on no matter how much writer David Cohen develops him".

Foster commented that the episode deals with a political issue which is "difficult to broach in twenty minutes and is therefore reached and sewn up in a rather haphazard manner". Some questions asked in the courses include: What aspects of them are used to make the points?

How is the satire conveyed: What is the difference between satire and parody? Lisa attempts to demonstrate Homer's logical fallacy by the example of a tiger-repellent rock, but it goes over his head.

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That is not the proposal here; the proposal is one specific string to be the article title, "Apu (The Simpsons)". That gets far fewer google hits because it's such an unnatural construction.

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