A description of the ramped ignorance on the associated press

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A description of the ramped ignorance on the associated press

News and commentary on the autism epidemic and my beautiful boy who is living with autism. To Vaccinate or Not?

A description of the ramped ignorance on the associated press

Parents' Stories", is comprised of personal stories from 12 parents on their decisions about whether or not to vaccinate their children. They offer a first hand look at the debated issues of vaccination.

Families are under no obligation to put their children at risk by participating in the corrupt current US National Immunization Program Ginger Taylor Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics, vol.

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I am the mother of a 14—year—old vaccine injured child with an autism diagnosis, and our family no longer participates in the vastly corrupt and broken US National Immunization Program. Because of my experiences, I have become a state and national leader on vaccine safety and vaccine choice issues, co—founding The Canary Party, and The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice.

I have two sons, born in andand vaccinated them roughly according the the recommended schedule. My second son suffered what we now recognize as an adverse vaccine reaction to his first dose of the Hep B vaccine, but it was not recognized as such by either myself or his pediatricians at the time, so he continued to be vaccinated according to the CDC recommended schedule.

Following his 18 month appointment, he suffered a severe neurological regression, displayed symptoms of GI distress, showed signs of an autoimmune condition, and was diagnosed with autism six months later.

Decreased or absent response to environment responds, if at all, only to loud voice or painful stimuli ; Decreased or absent eye contact does not fix gaze upon family members or other individuals ; or Inconsistent or absent responses to external stimuli does not recognize familiar people or things.

Despite this, and despite my repeated attempts to have my son's pediatrician investigate his condition as a vaccine reaction, no such inquiry was undertaken, and these symptoms were used instead to give him a diagnosis of autism. After being abandoned by the mainstream medical system, we sought expensive, out of pocket, alternative medical care, which proved very fruitful for our son.

Although we lost our home over the choice, we still would make the same decision, as it dramatically increased his health and functioning. We are pleased to report that, while he still has full syndrome autism, he has gone from severe to a much higher functioning level.

Most importantly, he is a very happy child. Despite our earnest attempts, 12 years and four pediatricians later, we still cannot simply get him evaluated for this HHS established vaccine injury.

Last year I filed a complaint against my own pediatrician with the state medical board, reporting that after multiple requests to evaluate my son for the condition, he had simply ignored my appeals as my previous pediatricians had.

I asked the board to rule on whether or not my son had the right to an evaluation per an established standard of care, noting that if I had taken him to the doctor and reported that I believed he had a broken leg, their failure to assess him would constitute medical neglect.

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The board investigated the matter, but their ruling did not address the question of what the duty of the doctor is to a patient reporting vaccine adverse reactions, and simply gave a non sequitur response to close the case.

Their action was a de facto ruling that no doctor has an obligation to investigate suspected vaccine injuries, and evidence that the medical establishment's response to vaccine adverse reactions is systematized medical negligence.

Our experience is identical to that of untold thousands of parents, who learn the hard way that once your child is injured by a vaccine, you are on your own. The system has chosen to respond to those families with neglect, insults, coercion and even Child Protective Service intervention, rather than to reform the program to put measures in place to protect children and families from harm and fraud, as is the case with every other medical product in this country.

As a result of this freedom from legal accountability, systematic corruption has taken hold in the US vaccine program as we see that: The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program rejects the majority of claims made by families regardless of merit. States and families pay for vaccine injury cases that are the responsibility of the federal government.

HHS has become a vaccine patent holder, while approving, regulating and recommending vaccines, and while adjudicating vaccine injury cases, without disclosing its serious conflicts of interests to consumers.

Corruption in safety, efficacy and injury response is proliferating as demonstrated by: D, states that she was wrongfully terminated for insisting that CDC follow ethic rules in, and publish accurate data on, the tracking of autism cases in the state of Utah.

The accuracy of such data is vital in determining wither or not there is an autism epidemic temporally associated with vaccine policy and uptake changes. Mainstream research has found that vaccines and their ingredients can cause the underlying medical conditions that committed physicians and researchers are commonly finding in children who have been given an autism diagnosis.

These conditions include gastrointestinal damage, immune system impairment, chronic infections, mitochondrial disorders, autoimmune conditions, neurological regression, glial cell activation, brain inflammation, seizures, synaptic dysfunction, dendritic cell dysfunction, mercury poisoning, aluminum toxicity, gene activation and alteration, glutathione depletion, impaired methylation, oxidative stress, impaired thioredoxin regulation, mineral deficiencies, impairment of the opioid system, endocrine dysfunction, cellular apoptosis, and other disorders.

Parents report being routinely bullied in pediatricians' offices for refusing one or more vaccines by physicians and nurses who know vastly less about vaccination and its risks than the family being bullied does, and who cannot give accurate answers to parental questions.

Often these families are coerced into signing statements saying that they are violating medical recommendations, putting their child and the public at risk, and are occasionally threatened with Child Protective Service intervention.

Our submissions were acknowledged, but all organizations declined to answer. Then doctors collectively decided to ignore the VICP. Mainstream medicine is in a state of willful ignorance over vaccine injury.

Why would any sane, conscientious parent, knowing the depths of the corruption in the US National Immunization Program, simply take CDC safety and efficacy claims at face value, and unquestioningly follow the recommended schedule?

There is just no evidence that public health officials, mainstream medical providers or most researchers take vaccine safety seriously. Finally, the editors of this journal have asked an important question, and I wish to answer it as frankly as I can: Until there is a way to force public health officials, vaccine industry representatives and medical professionals to testify under oath, and under penalty of perjury, to either defend or retract their fraudulent claims, to pay for the damages done to children including my child for their institutionalized abuse and negligence, I will never consent to another member of my family participating in the vaccine program under any circumstances.Nov 21,  · Associated Press, by Frances D´Emilio Original Article Posted By: Ribicon - 11/18/ Post Reply Championing the cause of the poor, Pope Francis on Sunday lamented that "the wealthy few" enjoy what, "in justice, belongs to all" and said Christians cannot remain indifferent to the growing cries of the exploited and the indigent.

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